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Byron Bay Wedding Photographer - J Miller Photography 003

Byron Bay Wedding Photographer

This is a picture of a wall! Of course, it is a picture of a beautiful bride and make up artist and their shadow on that wall. And just to spice it up there were some bushes outside the window, that gave the image a floral frame. The image wasn't posed it was found and often they are the best wedding images of all. The pink hues of the living room add a dusky feel and the profile could almost be of a young queen on the back of a coin.

Of course I took a similar picture of the bride herself, but is looking at all the other possibilities that make my job as a wedding photographer so exciting. The other thing is that bride's don't really want pics of themselves before the make up is fully applied and this was a way to portray the scene without detail and makes for a much more interesting wedding image. 

It is amazing watching the wedding day unfold and the getting ready part has it's fair share of relaxation and tension before the big event. Often, about an hour before the bride leaves there is an escalation of that tension. It is really happening! Especially if the groom has sent a gift or a letter. Make-up artists curse this idea as often the bride is set off in tears and the make-up has to be re-applied.

If you want a photographer who is going to take heaps of great candid shots, won't make you feel awkward, is very chilled but super professional then read on....

"We wanted to thank you for... being you. You have an amazing talent as a photographer. The photos in the highlights reel are so expressive, so natural and each one tells a story. But what we will remember is not a photographer but a friend who walked with us through our wedding journey, adding to the richness of our day and immortalising our memories." Stewart and Sarah 2016

If you want a Byron Bay wedding photographer to reveal the real story of your wedding and relive the emotion of the day for decades to come, then read on.

Many of my photographs are taken on the outskirts of the wedding; those moments which so many photographers seem to miss or don't look for. 
My name is 'J' Miller and I am based in Byron Bay, but most of my weddings seem to involve me getting on a plane to somewhere or other, which I love. I am proud to be an accredited member of the AIPP and the elite band of worldwide rebels, The Fearless Photographers. I also possess a BA (Hons) 1st Class in Photography and have been photographing full-time since 2001. Outside of photography I am a stand-up comedian, author of The Art of Husbanding, a devoted husband and doting father of two. Please don't read on. It's all SEO babble!

Why We are Famous for Wedding Photography in Byron Bay

Another major aspect of J Miller’s Byron Bay wedding photography is that everything happens in a very smooth way, without being obtrusive or pushy and that their pure and raw emotions are being immortalized in a very artistic way. It is of prime importance for a wedding photographer to carry the attribute blending in with the family, so that the guests, particularly the ones who shy away from the camera, do not feel uncomfortable due to the presence of a photographer. Hence, with wedding photography in Byron Bay you can remain assured that everyone will be blissfully unaware.

As a wedding photographer in Byron Bay, J Miller has huge experience of working on numerous wedding projects, encompassing a wide array of settings, from beaches to church. With over 15 years as a professional, you can definitely expect a high level of creativity and absolute dedication. Being the premier Byron bay wedding photographer, he has won many international awards in the arena of photography and possesses a first class BA Honours degree in Photography. 

So, if you are planning to organize a wedding ceremony and are looking for a professional photographer who can immortalize the whole event then J Miller, the Byron Bay wedding photographer is the one for you. Contact us anytime, and we will be happy to have a chat. 

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