Byron Bay Wedding Photographer J Miller Photography 021
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Byron Bay Wedding Photographer J Miller Photography 021

Well, this was a first!. The ties had come straight out of the box at this wedding and were all creased. I can't take the credit for this particular solution but some bright spark decided that, as they didn't have an iron then they could steam the tie by placing over a fry pan with steaming water. And guess what? It really worked! I love the getting ready shots as I have time to exercise my creative genius and try out new things.

The venue was in the middle of nowhere near Mudgee, about a 5 hour drive from Sydney. It was at a disused quarry and was beautifully remote with tall stone mountains surrounding.

Being in these locations really help me to connect with a couple. If I am spending half the wedding day rushing around Sydney or Brisbane, stressing about traffic and trying to find a park then it is harder to make that special connection and have some laughs together. 

I did ask the mum and dad just to separate a little so that the light from the window would fall beautifully on the face and give a highlight for the image. 

In retrospect I would love to have moved that plastic bottle in the foreground but if I had then I probably would have missed the moment and it would have gone forever.

Location: Mudgee, NSW.