Byron Bay Wedding Photographer. J Miller Photography001
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Byron Bay Wedding Photographer. J Miller Photography001

I love looking outside the box when it comes to location scouting. I stumbled upon a collection of disused farm vehicles not far from the wedding and bribed the owner with a case of beer that we could come and shoot here straight after the wedding. The effort of going beyond the obvious and staying at the wedding location pays huge dividends. The couple loved their wedding images and I am able to expand my creative skills.

I love the rust from the old tractor that has the most wonderful texture. The wedding venue was in apple country at Kurrajong, west of Sydney in the slopes of the Blue Mountains.

Safety is my prime concern in these situations. I climbed up the tractor first to make sure that the couple would not be in danger. I also had to make sure that the wedding dress was not going to get damaged by rusty objects climbing up.

I often walk into the place where I am going to pose the bride to make sure I would be happy to stand there first. Often it also makes sure that any snakes will attack me rather than the bride and groom.

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