Byron Wedding Photography Candid and Fun
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Byron Wedding Photography Candid and Fun

How funny is this moment when the groom reveals his custom made shirt to an unsuspecting audience? It's moments like these that make a wedding unique. Being ready with the camera for any situation is one of the wedding photography skills that I am most proud of, anticipation. It is seeing those opportunities that present themselves, having the camera set up and ready and click. They are never to be repeated moments of time at a wedding. Unbeknown to me, the bride didn't know about the shirt at this moment so my next shot was her reaction.

This was taken at one of my all time favourite wedding destination, Terrara in Nowra in New South Wales. It is a beautiful stately home near the river and has majestic grounds and the bridal getting ready suite is the best I have ever encountered.

There are fantastic opportunities for country gates, driveways and the beautiful house in the background. There is also a gorgeous Bay Fig in the vicinity. 

I knew it was going to rain after their church service so I did a scout around town before the wedding and found there was a circus. After a bit of caravan knocking and a bit of cash changing hands I arranged for their location shots to be done inside the Bog Top of the circus.

It was also a surprise for them as I whisked them there after the church wedding.

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