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Northern Rivers Wedding Photography Byron Bay

One of my joys is attending different religious ceremonies and seeing the diversity of belief and rituals in different cultures. Being at a wedding is a privilege, whether you are watching Tongan dancers, pagan ceremonies or here, in a Christian church, observing everyone participate in their love of god. Not a day goes by when I am not grateful to be doing what I am doing as a wedding photographer. It fill my heart with joy.

At this particular wedding I was surprised and delighted to see that the whole congregation joined in with the lifting of the hands. It is rare to see such enthusiasm amongst a wedding party. Most people sit quietly during the ceremony in a church wedding until the end when the couple are pronounced husband and wife.

For this particular image I had to get height and the only way to do that was to raise the camera in the air approximate the angle that I was going to shoot at. These moments don't last for long so I shot several images at different angles to make sure I had the coverage I needed. That is the advantage of digital shooting.

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